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Support children and adolescents with physical-motor limitations in order to improve their quality of life through comprehensive care. Promote promising young Colombian sports providing tools for training and sports development.


2020 to be the leader in supporting children and young people with physical and motor limitations and young promises of Colombian sports foundation.

Daniel Barragan Fundation

This foundation was created with the idea of ​​providing support for children and youth with disabilities. This idea was inspired by the case of young Daniel Barragan considered the diamond BMX. Situation motivates your family not only to help his son who is going through a difficult situation, but also to anyone who needs it and hence the Daniel Barragan Foundation which leads to honor this young sportsman his name is created.

daniel barragan
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The Diamond BMX

5 of the 2011 World
7 of the 2013 World
8 of the 2013 World
2011 Pan American champion
Latin American Champion 2013
2013 South American Champion
2014 USA champion Grands
Selection Colombia since 2010
Multiple National Champion

Daniel Barragan

Daniel Barragan, is a young athlete high-performance 16 years practicing BMX (BMX) from 5 years old; No. 1 ranking in Colombia in the category 16 years experts Three-time finalist at the World BMX UCI (5th best position), Multiple time National Champion in Colombia, Continental Champion, Pan American, South American Champion and Champion of National Valid in United States.

That makes?

Daniel, a student of class 11 in the German School of Barranquilla, shares his academic activity with the practice of BMX, which spent up to 6 hours of training. Its main objectives besides graduating, was staying 1 in the ranking of Colombia, be World Champion in Belgium, a finalist in the category Elite, representing the Atlantic in the National Games 2015 and qualify for the Olympic Games 2020.

What happened?

On March 22, 2015, Daniel had an accident during a routine training on the track of Villa Santos Barranquilla city, preparing to participate in the I and II National Tournament European Valid; In that accident fractured and broke the vertebra C4, suffered spinal shock, cracks in the C5 and C6 vertebrae, which resulted in quadriplegia state (No movement and feeling the chest down).

What is your medical history?

Patient who suffered trauma to the cervical spine by falling head neck flexion with inability to mobilize the MMSS and MMII, the patient physical entrance exam-oriented alert aware hypo-phonic normal language. Hypoesthesia anesthesia from C6 C5 C4 and normal from C4 upward. C4 motor level, generalized areflexia. Valued Neurologically, ordering emergency surgery.
Successfully operated within an hour of the accident, in need of resuscitation bradycardia with hypotension, leaves the same in 2 minutes entubar necessary for mechanical ventilation. Prolonged ICU stay, with tracheostomy, gastrostomy and carrying out of physical and respiratory therapies.
prolonged stay in intensive care and tracheostomy for airway management. On May 25, 2015 it is carried nasofibrolaryngoscopy and bronchoscopy through stoma finding superior to the cannula granuloma more occlusion of 50% so it was decided to leave cannula in place and start therapy with oral steroids and inhaled with new revision on a month.
On June 22, 2015, is taken to new bronchoscopy finding a significant decrease in the size of the granuloma, it proceeds to retreat successful tracheostomy tube, as well as gastrostomy tube.

Rehabilitation in United States

On September 2, 2015 is taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, in the United States, where inmate remained for two months, there I start his rehabilitation, working 3-4 hours a day in physical, occupational therapy and psychological. During that time, he managed to stabilize weight, regain muscle mass, strengthen muscles and start work to seek their greater independence.

Hospitalization in House

Currently Daniel is in the process of Hospitalization at home, doing physical therapy (twice a day), Speech Therapy (3 times a week) and work table standing.


Daniel underwent a complete lesion without section presents cord and spinal shock; For these cases it is premature to talk about diagnosis and should be expected to follow desinflamando marrow.

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